clan wars


Clan Wars are not for the faint of heart, or those whose finances are low.  This battle mode requires a level of commitment that is intense at times, with frequently inconvenient battle schedules, not to mention having a basic inventory of at least six Tier 10 tanks.


Read on to find out why that is...


Battalion Activities

1 Battalion is currently fine-tuning a plan to build a growth structure for members to achieve their Clan Wars potential as quickly and efficiently as possible.  There are many constraints, as indicated above, but the following requirements  should give us the basis for developing an effective system to reach the Global Map and stake a claim for Canada!


Strongly Recommended Activities

Platooning on Teamspeak: this is an opportunity to practice what you learn

Building Special Teams: gather the same three to five players on a regular basis using 'optimal' tank team configurations (see Team Battles and Strongholds pages) -- the purpose here is to build tight fighting units who are used to each other's moves and can take quick direction from the Combat Officer

Having said all that...

Aside from the potential gold rewards, Clan Wars offers us the opportunity to match skills and determination with the best of Clans.  The obvious benefits are there, but they demand a sacrifice.


Clan Wars are such that players must accept playing at odd hours to attack or defend territories.  The same applies to consumables, which must be of top grade, be they ammo, repair kits, performance enhancers (pudding and tea, for example), and camouflage.


Crew skills must also be as high and numerous as possible, with priority given to those that improve each crew member's own jobs, i.e. having the 'deadeye' perk on your gunner, or 'recon' on your commander, etc.


With all this in mind, what follows is a list of attributes and tanks that best perform in a Clan Wars setting.  This information is available on many WoT forums, but we've compiled a shopping list to help you get started.   Please note, this list will constantly be improving so keep an eye out for update messages via the Clan group mailing list.

Skills, Modules and Ammo


  • sixth sense

  • job-specific skills and perks



  • gun rammer

  • laying drive

  • binoculars or coated optics



  • premium, regardless of tank

American tanks
  • T57

  • T110E5

  • T110E4

  • T92 artillery

german tanks
  • E100

  • E50M

  • WT E100

  • GW artillery

french tanks
  • B-C 25t

  • Foch 155

  • AMX 50B

  • 155 58 artillery

russian tanks
  • Obj 430

  • Obj 140

  • T-62A

  • IS-7

asian and british tanks
  • 121, 113 for Chinese

  • STB-1 for Japan

  • Conqueror GC and FV215B 183 (Deathstar) for UK