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We are a group of Canadian players (mostly), but will accept players from all Commonwealth countries who enjoy the game. Our goal is to be competitive, professional and willing to share wisdom, while promoting esprit de corps within the clan.

A True North WoT Clan!

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We are a Canadian World of Tanks clan, always recruiting active players. Our regular activities include platooning, WoT tournaments ("skirmishes"), and of course, Strongholds.  This is all in preparation for Clan Wars. Although our ultimate goal is to participate in Clan Wars, the game is first and foremost about having fun and getting together as a group of friends on TeamSpeak to platoon, trade stories and share tactics.


As we Canadians like to do, we have set up a 3-level organization to include as many types of players as there are out there:

  • 1 Battalion groups together the majority of our Tier 9 and 10 members in preparation for Clan Wars

  • 2 Battalion comprises intermediate to advanced players with a minimum Tier 8 tank all the way to Tier 10 (but are not aiming for Clan Wars)

  • 3 Battalion welcomes newer players with a minimum Tier 6 tank for those who enjoy Clan activities, but on a more casual basis


Canadian Tactical Clan members enjoy:


  • exclusive use of the Canadian Tactical Clan TeamSpeak 3 server and FTP site

  • full access to the CDN-T website

  • posting privileges in the CDN-T forum and, on occasion,

  • training opportunities with seasoned members of the military (past and present)

  • but most certainly, the opportunity to move to the next battalion when minimum requirements are met


If you are interested in joining CDN-T, please contact us at, via the WOT clan site or use the big brown button above.  Be sure to include your player name, where you are from, and anything else you would like to tell us about yourself (blank applications will not be accepted).  Please check out the "RECRUITING" tab for clan requirements and, of course, feel free to leave us a comment!


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Be sure to pop in and hit 'like' on Canadian Tactical's Facebook page -- submit photos and factoids, and keep up-to-date on things 'tanking'!

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