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Step Zero - The Process

Thanks again for your interest in Canadian Tactical.  We're always keen on meeting new members with skills and experiences to contribute to our global success.  In order for you to get the best placement, we've established a tiered grouping based on players' garages/hangars, experience and performance. The first step is to look at your numbers—they will tell you where to go next. >>>

Step Two - The Selection

Now that you have access to your numbers, see below and check out each battalion's minimum requirements and determine where you fit.  Because of our large membership, batallions may often be at the 100-member limit, so check each roster to see if there are spots available.  Should the batallion you're applying to be full, send your application to the next lower-tiered unit—we'll look into reassigning you as soon as space is available.


Remember that your progress is important in the Clan, for several reasons:


  1. your performance counts towards the Clan's global ranking

  2. there are many members willing to share their wisdom about tanks and tanking whose own progress is affected by what they learn in teaching others (maybe you?)

  3. when you progress, you open the way for another tanker with similar goals and objectives to yours

Step One - The Numbers and Basic Requirements

If you're not already keeping track, you can start by clicking the button below, selecting the NA Server and typing in your WoT game name.   In the "Overall" column are your numbers. Please, bear in mind that you need a minimum of 1000 battles under your belt for WoT to provide you with your own gaming indicators—which also happens to be a Clan basic minimum requirement. This is enforced, along with regular sessions on Canadian Tactical's TeamSpeak server and active participation in Clan operations—we have many people eager to roll into Clan Wars, therefore non-compliance = one warning and potential dismissal.


Oh, and you also have to be from CANADA, the BRITISH COMMONWEALTH or the US.


Having said all that, let's move on and get those numbers!


Minimum Requirements

Performance Rating: 1100+

Efficency Rating: 900+

Win Rate: 49%

Recent WIN8: 1100+

Garage: at least 1 Tier 9 tank



cdn tactical 2 battalion [cdn_T]

Minimum Requirements

Performance Rating: 900+

Efficency Rating: 800+

Win Rate: 46%

Recent WIN8: 900+

Garage: at least 1 non-premium Tier 8 tank



cdn tactical 3 battalion [cdn_3]


Minimum Requirements

Performance Rating: N/A

Efficency Rating: N/A

Win Rate: 45%

Recent WIN8: N/A

Garage: at least 1 non-premium  Tier 5 tank



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